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When to Order Home Healthcare
A home health nurse takes a patient's blood pressure

With Eden Home Healthcare, many of the services you could receive in a hospital or rehab center are available to you in the comfort of your own home.

If you or someone you care about could benefit from nursing or therapy at home, please contact Eden Home Healthcare now.

Need Home Healthcare?
The people who could benefit from home health visits are as varied as the people who need to go to the hospital, but here are just a few examples of people who could use skilled services from Eden Home Healthcare:
  • People returning home after surgery
  • People recovering from an illness
  • Patients seeking to reduce a stay in a hospital, rehab center, or nursing home
  • Patients who have a wound which has not fully healed and requires attention
  • Patients who have a chronic health condition that could worsen and would benefit from skilled monitoring
  • Patients who need injections or IV therapy
  • People who would benefit from physical, speech or occupational therapy
  • Families who need help adjusting to new medical equipment, therapeutic diet, or medications
  • Families that are experiencing stress over caretaker roles helping loved-ones with interim medical needs

How to Get Started
Contact Eden Home Healthcare now. Let us know about your current situation. Even if the exact service you need is not the service we provide, we will be happy to help you find the service that fits your needs best. If we can help, we will coordinate with your doctor to get certification. We will coordinate all care we do with your doctor, so he or she stays in the know about your progress.

Referrals to home healthcare services often come from doctors' offices, hospital discharge planners, and nursing home case managers. If one of these professionals is helping you get home healthcare, be sure to specify that you want service from Eden Home Healthcare in Schaumburg, IL.

Medicare Pays 100%
Home Healthcare Qualifications

Because Eden Home Healthcare maintains Medicare Certification, Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges from Eden, provided that patients meet certain criteria.

Skilled Need:
First, for Medicare to pay, patients must have a "skilled need." This means the patient must need services that can only be legally provided by a nurse or therapist, as opposed to an aide. Medicare does not pay if a patient only needs a home health aide for tasks such as cooking, cleaning, changing bed linens, etc. However, if a patient has a skilled need, Eden's plan of care may include aide services for such help, and there is no extra charge for this. See the list to the left and How We Help for examples of services and situations that entail a skilled need.

Homebound: For Medicare to pay, patients must also meet Medicare's definition of homebound. This only means that leaving the home requires a considerable and taxing effort and that trips away from the home are consequently infrequent and of short duration. A patient may also be considered homebound simply because the doctor says, under the current condition, it is contraindicated to be out in car trips. Patients are often only temporarily homebound because of their current medical situation. This counts as homebound.

Home Healthcare in Schaumburg, IL
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